To Go Down


To Descend, To Be Issued

Word Type

intransitive verb, ichidan verb


This word consists of kanji with hiragana attached. Because the hiragana ends with an sound, you know this word is a verb. The kanji means below, which is a clue to the direction this movement verb takes: this is to go down or to descend. In some cases, this can also mean to be issued, mostly in situations where some sort of grant or allowance is issued by an authority.

You might notice that this is similar to 下る (くだる), and you can use either to describe going down a mountain. The difference is that 下る implies a gradual sloping motion, like floating down a stream, whereas you'd say 下りる if you’re jumping out of trees!


  • Kyoko
    (Tokyo accent, female)
  • Kenichi
    (Tokyo accent, male)


Since this word has okurigana (hiragana attached to the kanji), you know that it's probably going to be the kun'yomi reading, which you didn't learn with the kanji. Here's a mnemonic to help you:

You're stuck on a huge mountain, and the only way to go down is by using your obi (). So you'll have to descend this entire mountain with nothing but your obi, acting as a rope. Good luck!


Common Word Combinations

  • 下りていく

    to go down


    to come down

Context Sentences


I'm afraid of climbing down the ladder.


Dad jumped down from the fence.


My fiancé's visa finally got issued.

Kanji Composition