To Return Something


To Return

Word Type

transitive verb, godan verb


This word consists of kanji with hiragana attached. Because the hiragana ends with an sound, you know this word is a verb. The kanji itself means return so the verb version means to return something.

This is more like "to return a thing" rather than returning home, which would be 帰る, a word you haven't seen yet (but will soon, I'm sure!).


  • Kyoko
    (Tokyo accent, female)
  • Kenichi
    (Tokyo accent, male)


Since this word consists of a kanji with hiragana attached, you can bet that it will use the kun'yomi reading. You didn't learn that reading with this kanji, so here's a mnemonic to help you:

You have to return the Car egg (かえ) you found on the side of the road. It will birth a little car, but it needs its mother. So, you try to figure out how to return it. Go ahead and think through that process in your mind. Also think about how weird a car egg would be.


Patterns of Use

Common Word Combinations

  • メールを返す

    to send back an email


    to return a greeting


    to return money

Context Sentences


Today is the day I return the car money to my father.


I want to return your book. Are you home tomorrow?


"Could you return the cookies I gave you yesterday?" "Huh? You mean, I should spit them up?"

Kanji Composition