Word Type

noun, verbal noun


Your body thinks you want to substitute new exhibits inside yourself but it apologizes and replaces them more than you'd like. What it's actually doing is controlling your metabolism. Picture your body using food you eat by setting it up in an exhibit in your stomach. But it gets bored of it and wants to substitute it with a newer one, so it makes you hungry again, digesting the food fast.


  • Kyoko
    (Tokyo accent, female)
  • Kenichi
    (Tokyo accent, male)


This is a jukugo word that uses the on'yomi readings of the kanji. You already know all of these, but uses the less common たい reading, so here’s a mnemonic in case you’d like some help remembering that:

As everyone knows, the best way to boost your metabolism is to wear a tie (たい). They make your body more efficient overall, which includes your metabolism, so make sure you’re always wearing a tie for that metabolism boost!


Context Sentences


I’m going to introduce an exercise that improves my metabolism.

Kanji Composition