With Trouble


Valuable, Precious, Rare

Word Type

adverb, noun


When there's nothing but folds and angles, you have quite a mess. This word means with trouble because you certainly aren't traversing along a nice, flat piece of space-time, are you? Nah, it's all angled and folded.

折角 is one of those tricky Japanese words that doesn’t have one neat translation in English. The nuance is that something has come about with trouble, either through someone’s efforts, or a stroke of luck. It often implies regret, and is used in situations where you want to express that valuable opportunities, advice, or hard work were in vain for some reason. It’s also used to underline a rare chance that shouldn’t be missed.


  • Kyoko
    (Tokyo accent, female)
  • Kenichi
    (Tokyo accent, male)


This is a jukugo word, which usually means on'yomi readings from the kanji. If you know the readings of your kanji you'll know how to read this as well. Watch out for the せつ changing to せっ, though. Another thing you have to go through with trouble, I'm afraid.


Pattern of Use

Common Word Combinations

  • 折角のチャンス

    a precious opportunity


    precious time off


    a precious day off

Context Sentences


Are you going to throw away my valuable advice?


It's a shame that the shop isn't open despite coming all this way. But since we're here anyway, shall we try going to another nearby shop?


She didn't like the jewelry I went through so much trouble to get.


Hmm. It's a rare opportunity to get a makeover, so I think I'll have my hair cut about thirty centimeters at the back.

Kanji Composition